How to Get Published on EnglishLearningByPro

To get blogs published on EnglishlearningByPro, please read and follow the guidelines below:

How to Get Published

  1. Register for an account here.
  2. Submit your blog here

Before submitting your writing for publication on our website, please follow these guidelines:

You must:

  • Be an English Teacher

Your article must:

  • Provide value to potential clients
  • Be 100% original content (not taken from anywhere else)
  • Be related to your expertise
  • Be written by a person, no AI
  • Be easy to read
  • Be at least 1000 words, preferably 1500+
  • NOT be overly self-promoting (it’s not an ad, aim to add value)
  • Not include profanity or other graphic content
  • Include any references or citations used in the article
  • Organize your ideas by using subtitles and paragraphs split up so they are readable [See example below.]
  • Be grammatically correct
  • Be written in English

Other Guidelines:

  • This is not a paid position
  • You must be allowed to submit your piece of writing to us
  • You must submit a 2-3 sentence bio
  • You must submit a headshot
  • Include only 1 link to your business’ website (don’t be spammy)

Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot reply to every email. If you follow the above guidelines and your topic is unique, there’s a good chance we will publish it.

What to Write About?

You can write about anything you’d like as long as it:

  1. Provides insight into learning English
  2. Helps other English teachers
  3. Offers our audience a unique voice

Other Options:

  • Share a compelling story about helping your clients overcome their challenges
  • Be thought provoking
  • Provide tips to overcome challenges
  • Share your unique take on a popular topic

Specific Topics We Are Looking For:

We are looking for resources about every angle related to teaching and learning english. Our goal is to be a trusted resource so we become the place people go to find their next English teacher! An example of a blog article might be: “10 Tips to Help You Learn Verb Tenses”

Sample Writing Structure:

We highly recommend that you follow a writing structure similar to this:

  1. Title: Increase Your Emotional Agility: Enhance Your Leadership Skills
  2. Intro paragraph
  3. Subtitle: What is Emotional Agility?
  4. Paragraph(s)
  5. Subtitle: Signs of Emotional Agility
  6. Paragraph / list of characteristics
  7. Subtitle: Suggestions of How to Increase Skills in Emotional Agility
  8. SubSubtitle: Option 1
  9. Paragraph
  10. SubSubtitle: Option 2
  11. Paragraph
  12. SubSubtitle: Option 3
  13. Paragraph
  14. Subtitle: Final thoughts on How to Increase Your Emotional Agility

What Does Being a Writer at EnglishLearningByPro Mean?

  • We value creativity, purpose, honesty and integrity.
  • We are all about learning and having the courage to expand in new directions.
  • We provide value to our community of readers.
  • We support continual growth and want to share your expertise far and wide!

Submit Your Posts

If you followed the instructions above, please submit directly here. We review submissions manually and check for originality and whether or not a person wrote it (not AI).

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